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Client Media

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Client Media List

01/20/2021:  Fox News: Biden, Trump, China, genocide

01/19/2021:  WSJ: US says China committing genocide

01/19/2021:  The Federalist: US becomes first nation, genocide

01/19/2021:  PRI: US says China committing genocide

01/19/2021:  NTD TV: Twitters double-standard

12/30/2020:  DVM TV: DC Uyghurs condemn extradition treaty

12/29/2020:  VOA: Ughurs hail removal of ETIM, terror list

12/22/2020:  VOA: ICC investigation into the persecution of Uyghurs

12/21/2020:  FOXNews: The ICC and China

12/21/2020:  AVN TV: Exiled Uyghur leader deeply concerned

12/21/2020:  Zyite News: Holding China Accountable

12/18/2020:  PRI, The World: Steps toward holding China accountable 

12/16/2020:  EWTN/NRC: ICC and investigation of China

12/14/2020:  NTD Evening News: Lessons from the Soviet Union

12/13/2020:  The Tablet: UN protestors accuse China of brutality

12/10/2020:  NTD TV: Human Rights Day

12/10/2020:  Epoch Times: Washington holds event

12/10/2020:¬† DVM TV: ETNAM outside Capitol for int’l HR Day

12/08/2020:¬† Taiwan Times: Protests scheduled for int’l HR Day

11/30/2020:  NY Times: In Asia Pro-Democracy Forces Worry

11/25/2020:  Global News Radio: Breaking down the situation in Xinjiang

11/24/2020:  FOX News Headlines interview

11/23/2020:  ICIJ: ICC complaint alleging genocide, China Cables

11/23/2020:  Radio Free Asia interview

11/17/2020:  Polygraph: China, Canada, Uighur Genocide

11/12/2020:¬† WDVM: East Turkistan’s Independence Day

11/10/2020:  Radio Free Asia interview

11/10/2020:  WDVM: Prime Minister Condemns

10/30/2020: WDVM: Senator Cardin & others introduce a resolution

10/29/2020:  CTN News: US Senate Declares China

10/24/2020:  Roy Green Show

10/14/2020:  NBC4: Guardian Angels patrol UES

10/14/2020:¬† WDVM: “Never again” is happening in 21 Century

10/14/2020:  BeliefNet: 20 Questions for Joe

10/12/2020:¬† Film Daily: Was Chris Watts ‘insane’?

10/09/2020:  BeliefNet: Faith, Media and Culture

10/09/2020:  Daily Caller: US Joins Nearly 40 Countries

10/06/2020:  Parade: Obsessed with an American Murder

10/06/2020:¬† Newsweek: China ‘Arbitrarily Detained’ 1 Million Uyghurs

09/29/2020:  La Stampa: Pompeo in Vaticano, Leader Uiguri

09/24/2020:  USA Today: Rapid, cheap, home tests

09/23/2020:  Cheddar TV: Dr. Fauci updates timeline for vaccine

09/23/2020:  FairWarning: Privacy fears rising

09/23/2020:¬† FOXBusiness: Politics should play no role in advancing…

09/23/2020:  FOXBusiness: CDC giving 200M to states

09/21/2020:¬† CH-Aviation:¬†Ohio’s Ultimate Air Shuttle suspends ops

09/21/2020:  Brooklyn Sports World: Ultimate readjusts travel

09/18/2020:  Law & Crime: Buried with Love

09/16/2020:  Cincinnati Business Courier: Ultimate-Air flights

09/15/2020:¬† TriveGlobal: Rebecca Jenkins ‘Think Differently’

09/15/2020:  Authority Magazine: Rebecca Jenkins of RJEN

09/15/2020:  Washington Examiner: Writing a new playbook

09/12/2020:  NBC-LX: Why this expert says

09/11/2020:  CBS News: Trump could push a vaccine through

09/10/2020:  NBC10 Boston: US layoffs remain elevated

09/10/2020:  OAN: Ultimate-Air resumes flights

09/09/2020:  Endpoint News: New R & D Rules

09/08/2020:  VOA Urdu: Six to nine vaccines have entered phase three

09/04/2020:  Forbes: The Situation Of Uighur Muslims Will Be Assessed

09/04/2020:¬† Miami Herald: State says it’s preparing for 5 million

09/02/2020:  FOXNews Headlines: Ultimate-Air Expands Service

08/29/2020:  VOA: Washington, New York Protesters Call for Recognition

08/28/2020:¬† The Globe Post: That’s what victory looks like

08/28/2020:  USA Today: Experts see progress on a COVID-19 vaccine

08/27/2020:  MD+DI: FDA’s Hahn Apologizes

08/26/2020:  CNBC: Could US regulators authorize a COVID-19 vaccine

08/26/2020:  USA Today: CDC changes Covid testing guidelines

08/26/2020:  USA Today: Coronavirus Updates

08/25/2020:  Politico: Trump admin weighs accusing China of the genocide of Uighurs

08/25/2020:  Cheddar TV: Closing Bell

08/25/2020:  Reuters: Could U.S. authorize a COVID-19 vaccine before the election?

08/20/2020:  Yahoo News: Alberta Amendments go into effect on Aug 25

08/20/2020:  Washington Examiner: Testing the country back to pre-COVID

08/20/2020:  CBC: New Alberta amendments go into effect on Aug. 25

08/19/2020:  Cincinnati Business Courier: Ultimate Air relaunches service to Atlanta

08/16/2020:  MSNBC: Guardian Angels patrol NYC

08/11/2020:  CNBC: Squawk Box

08/11/2020:  CNN Philippines: Medical expert raises doubts about Russian vaccine

08/11/2020:  Euronews: COVID vaccine, molotov cocktail

08/11/2020:  Cheddar TV: Skepticism over Russia vaccine

08/11/2020:  NDTV: Guardian Angels Milton and Silvia on patrol

08/11/2020:  i24 News: New vaccine from Russia

08/11/2020:  USA Today: Russian COVID vaccine

08/10/2020:  France24: FDA approval for COVID 19 remdesivir

08/10/2020:  USA Today: COVID vaccine hesitancy 

07/31/2020:  Cheddar TV:  Drugmakers secure vaccine deal

07/30/2020:  Washington Examiner: A recipe for disaster

07/28/2020:  VOA: Questions on HCQ

07/27/2020:  CNBC Asia: 40 dollar mark seems right on the money

07/24/2020: Forcibly harvesting organs of Uyghur population

07/22/2020:  Reuters: Vaccine pricing

07/22/2020:  NBC-LX: Vaccines showing the most promise

07/22/2020:  Financial Times: Vaccine rush threatens supply

07/21/2020:  Observer: FDA commissioner predicts timeline

07/21/2020:  NBC: FDA expands hand sanitizer recall

07/15/2020:  CNN: John Ayala speaks to Don Lemon

07/15/2020:  Radio Free Asia: Uyghur exile groups seek ICC probe

07/13/2020:¬† CBN News: Uyghurs File Complaint to ICC over China’s Genocide

07/10/2020:¬† Outdoor Life: Canada’s border is closed

07/09/2020:  FOX5 DC: GA founder on police

07/08/2020:  Straight Times: Uyghurs urge ICC to probe genocide

07/07/2020:¬† Barron’s: Uyghurs urge ICC to probe genocide

07/07/2020:  Le Figaro: Uyghurs urge ICC to probe genocide

07/07/2020:  Forbes: Could the ICC investigate atrocities against Uyghur Muslims? 

07/03/2020:  Daily Mail: Can HCQ work after all? 

06/25/2020: Why I risked my life to save NYC storefronts

06/23/2020:  FOXNews Headlines: Border closing extended

06/19/2020:  CTV News: Alberta couple on US/Canada border closing

06/06/2020:  Epoch Times: American thought leaders

06/04/2020:  FOXNews: GA describes pitch battle with NY looters

06/03/2020:  ABC7, Eyewitness News: GAs battle looters, 2 hospitalized

06/02/2020:  NY Times: Demonstrations linger after curfew, some arrested

05/29/2020:  Welt: German TV, Inside USA interview

05/29/2020:  MetroFocus: COVID Vaccines & Treatments

05/22/2020:  Newsy TV: Georgia, Colorado, Texas spike in COVID

05/20/2020:  IBT: US/Canada border closure

05/20/2020:  WELT, German TV: Peter Pitts on HCQ

05/18/2020:  Ch7, Eyewitness News: New Covid tests arriving in Tri-State

05/16/2020:¬† IBT: Why most NY’ers are staying home and still getting COVID

05/15/2020:  Associated Press: People gather at PA capitol for protests

05/15/2020:  FOXNews 43: PA reopen rally held

05/15/2020:  FOXNews: Protesters gathers as frustration increases

05/15/2020:  NBC8: Protesters demand reopen PA

05/15/2020:¬† L’Opinion: Confinement in the US

05/15/2020: PA residents pushing back

05/15/2020:  Fox & Friends: Reopen PA protest takes place

05/14/2020:  IBT: Reopen PA mass protests planned at the state capitol

05/13/2020:  NY Post: Mayor DeBlasio says he has never been tested

05/14/2020:  Vogue: Zoom Doom

05/13/2020:  FOXNews Digital: Russia/COVID

05/12/2020:  Washington Examiner: Trump and what defines Coronavirus success

05/12/2020:  AP TV: US/NY nursing home workers

05/08/2020:  FOXNews Digital: NY/NJ allow COVID-infected health care workers

05/06/2020:  LA Times: Scientists say a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus

05/04/2020:  McClatchy: FDA used expanded power to fight COVID-19

05/02/2020:¬† FOXNews: America’s News HQ, Operation Warp-Speed

05/01/2020:  USA Today: Coronavirus antibody tests

05/01/2020:¬† LA Times: Too Many ‘Shiny Objects’

05/01/2020:¬† Crain’s: Akron-Canton airport plans to fly again

05/01/2020:  BioWorld: Med Tech

04/29/2020:  International Business Tribune: Smoking and COVID

04/30/2020:  NY Post: Coronavirus treatments

04/30/2020:  CBS Money Watch: Remdesivir treatment

04/28/2020:  Chicago Sun Times: Blood tests, accuracy, false positives

04/28/2020:  Star Tribune: Antibody tests

04/28/2020:¬† L’Opinion: HCQ op-ed

04/23/2020:  NBAA: Aircraft safety, coronavirus

04/21/2020: COVID-19 test kits

04/20/2020:  FOXNews: Your World with Neil Cavuto

04/20/2020:  Sky News UK: Sky News Tonight

04/16/2020:  FOXNews: Martha MacCallum

04/15/2020:  Bustle: When will it be safe to see family, friends again

04/13/2020:  FOXNews: Your World with Neil Cavuto

04/11/2020:¬† FOXNews: America’s News HQ

04/04/2020:  San Antonio Express: Shortage of protective gear

04/09/2020:  FOXNews Radio: Getting Schooled

04/09/2020:¬† L’Opinion: Patient implications

04/09/2020:  CNBC: Fauci, handshaking needs to stop

04/08/2020:  KTLA5: Coronavirus, social distancing, vaccine development

04/07/2020:¬† L’Opinion: Une des le√ßons de cette exp√©rience

04/07/2020:  CBN News: Deep recession feared

04/01/2020:  NBC Bay Area: Interview with former FDA associate commissioner

04/01/2020:  ABC7: The latest on COVID-19 testing

03/31/2020:  El Periodico: EEUU aprueba el uso de fármacos

03/30/2020:  ABC Channel 7: Eyewitness News

03/30/2020:  Cheddar TV: FDA approves 2 drugs to treat COVID-19

03/30/2020:  Mail Online:  FDA gives emergency approval to anti-malaria drugs

03/29/2020:  Bloomberg: When even science must stop

03/27/2020:  FoxNews: Coronavirus Special

03/27/2020:¬† Chicago Tribune: ¬ŅLa cloroquina podr√≠a curar el coronavirus?

03/27/2020:  El Periodico: Estats Units, el país més ric del món

03/25/2020:  Sky News: @Breakfast

03/26/2020:  Yahoo Finance: Could Chloroquine cure COVID-19? 

03/26/2020:  Barrons: What is Chloroquine? 

03/25/2020:  Channel 7: Eyewitness News

03/25/2020:¬† 360 Magazine: NYC ‚ÄúGuardian Angels‚ÄĚ Help Homeless

03/25/2020:¬† AP: ‘A Bullet Train’: Virus Peak May Come Soon

03/25/2020:  WGN-TV:  The race to find effective treatments

03/25/2020:¬† L’Opinion: Coronavirus: Le role le plus important de Donald Trump

03/24/2020:¬† NY Times:¬† ‘A Bullet Train’: Virus Peak

03/23/2020:  OANN: How Coronavirus effects religious minorities

03/23/2020:  Telemundo: Guardian Angels Assist the Homeless

03/23/2020:  O, The Oprah Magazine: How to explain Coronavirus

03/11/2020:   NBC News: People are coming together for Chinatown

03/10/2020:  Washington Times: Inside the Beltway, coronavirus

03/09/2020:  Daily Wire: Founder of Guardian Angels runs for mayor

03/07/2020:  CGTN: Guardian Angels protect Asians against hate crimes

03/06/2020:  Oprah Magazine: These are the telltale traits of a narcissist

03/01/2020:  Coast to Coast: Living Life Fully

02/29/2020:  Noticieros TV: Guardian Angels patrol Chinatown, easing fears

02/27/2020:  CBN TV: Fmr. Diplomat on Immigration and US Policy

02/26/2020:  TBS TV Japan: Guardian Angels patrol Chinatown

02/25/2020:  A&E TV: Chris Watts Killed His Family After Weeks of Planning

02/20/2020:¬† FBN: Limiting China’s Access to Chip Technology

02/10/2020:  ShackNews: World Of Warcraft Interview

01/27/2020: New book on Chris Watts murders

01/24/2020:¬† Hollywood Life: Chris Watts Was ‚ÄėNot Insane‚Äô¬†

01/21/2020:  Polygon: How World of Warcraft was born from chaos

12/26/2019:  CNBC: The Debate Behind Video Game Violence

12/23/2019:  Shack News: John Staats on Storytelling in World of Warcraft

12/23/2019:  WAMU, 1A: For Their Own Good

12/20/2019:¬† Business Insider:¬†CNN coverage of Democratic debate ‘goes to black’

12/20/2019:  FOXNews: Last Minute Gifts for Gamers

12/20/2019:¬†¬†LA Times: The US Should do More to Stop China’s Labor Camps

12/15/2019:  McConnell says the Senate may approve USMCA this week

12/12/2019:  Religion News Service: China accuses US of double standards

12/11/2019:  Viris: The Making of World of Warcraft

12/06/2019:  Cheddar ESports: John Staats, World of Warcraft, WoW Diary

11/28/2019:  Channel News Asia: China defends Xinjiang crackdown

11/25/2019:¬†¬†Business Insider Malaysia: Map of ‘Re-education’ Camps and Prisons

11/25/2019:¬† TechRaptor: How Some of Vanilla WoW’s Dungeons Were Made

11/24/2019:  NBC News: Secret Chinese Docs Reveal Inner Workings Muslim Camps

11/22/2019:  Den of Geek: World of Warcraft: The Legacy, Most Popular MMORPG

11/18/2019:  Washington Post: She survived a Chinese internment camp

11/18/2019:¬† FBN:¬†China ‘will just cheat anyway,’ no matter the trade deal

11/18/2019:¬† Business Insider: maps show 500 ‘re-education’ camps and prisons

11/14/2019:¬† AIPT Comics: WoW’s First Level Designer John Staats

11/14/2019:  KeenGamer: An Interview with WoW Designer John Staats

11/14/2019:  WCCF Tech: WoW Classic Releasing After 2021

11/14/2019:¬† Taipei Times: Slavery on China’s plantations

11/14/2019:  The Independent: China runs hundreds more Muslim detention centers

11/14/2019:  Business Insider: China running nearly 500 detention camps, say activists

11/14/2019:  SBS: China could be holding as many as 3 million Uighurs

11/14/2019:  Daily Mail: China could be detaining far more than 1 million Muslims

11/14/2019:  Deccan Herald: China Running More Camps, Uighur Activists

11/14/2019:  Dhaka Tribune: China Running More Camps than Known

11/14/2019:  Taipei Times: China Running Camps 

11/13/2019:  Al Jazeera: Uighur Activists: China Running Hundreds More Camps

11/13/2019:  Times of India: Uighur Researchers Say China

11/13/2019:  Japan Times: Researchers say China running hudreds more camps

11/13/2019:  News18: Uighur Researchers Say China Running More Camps

11/13/2019:  Washington Times: US has Criticized Repression of Uighur Muslims

11/13/2019:  AFP: China running more camps than known

10/26/2019:¬†¬† Survivors & Victims on China’s Organ Harvesting

10/14/2019:  Taipei Times: Even in Death Uighurs Feel Long Reach of Chinese State

10/11/2019:  RPP Noticias: Quienes son los Uigures

10/11/2019:  Japan Times: China Disturbs Even the Uighur Dead

10/11/2019:  AFP: Satellites Reveal China Destroying Uighur Muslims Burial Sites

10/10/2019:  Vice: China is Destroying Uighur Cemeteries

10/09/2019:  Independent: China Building Over Uighur Muslim Graveyards

09/13/2019:  FBN: Bears & Bulls, Is and Interim Deal with China Worth It?

09/11/2019:  WGBH: Cambridge Forum, Chinese Democracy

09/11/2019:  FBN: China Waives Some Tarrifs

08/30/2019:  FBN: USMCA gains outweigh the losses, director says

08/19/2019:  FBN: Making Money with Charles Payne

08/19/2019:  Cheddar TV: US Economy

08/16/2019:  FBN: Mornings with Maria

08/15/2019:  FBN: Cavuto Coast to Coast

08/13/2019:  Cheddar TV: Hong Kong Protests

08/13/2019:  The Runner: Activist Group Sikhs to March at UN

08/06/2019:  John Fredericks Show: Hong Kong Protests

08/06/2019:¬† The Lawyer’s Daily: Big Tech complicit in silencing western voices

08/06/2019:  FBN: Making Money with Charles Payne

08/06/2019:  Al Jazeera: Media View, US Treasury and China

07/30/2019:  FBN: Making Money with Charles Payne

07/16/2-19:  Observer: A Closer Look At Peter Thiel’s Attack on Google

07/15/2019:  FBN: Cryptocurrency, Facebook Libra

07/08/2019:  FBN: Mornings with Maria

07/01/2019:  Observer: US-China Trade War

06/24/2019:  Making Money with Charles Payne

06/17/2019:  Epoch Times: China Human Rights

06/04/2019:  ABC Australia

05/17/2019:  Doximity: Importing Drugs from Canada

05/17/2019:  FBN РMornings with Maria

05/15/2019:  CBN РFaith Nation

05/09/2019:  Channel News Asia РMeasles Outbreak

04/26/2019:  Gizmodo РMeasles Outbreak

05/14/2019:  FBN РMaking Money with Charles Payne

02/27/2019:  Fox News: US Speaks Up For Minority Muslim Uyghurs

02/20/2019:  Sinclair Broadcasting РNBC 25 News

02/11/2019:  Observer РSupplement Crackdown

02/11/2019:  Cancer Therapy Advisor

01/26/2019:  Chicago Sun-Times РBlood Pressure Drug Carcinogens

01/25/2019:  STAT РFirst Opinion

01/22/2019:  USA Today РConsumer Health

01/11/2019:  Fox5 DC РThe Final Five

10/20/2018:  Real Clear Politics РOp-ed

10/26/2018:  Washington Times, Inside the Beltway

10/19/2018:  Dallas Morning News РOp-ed

10/02/2018:  White House РUSMCA Wins Praise

09/24/2018:  Rosenstein faces Trump showdown

09/24/2018:¬† Salon:¬†Trump’s loudest allies ‚ÄĒ except Sean Hannity

09/22/2018:  Washington Post: Trump holds his fire

09/22/2018:  NY Times: Talk of the 25th Amendment

09/13/2018:  RealClear Politics: Trump Creates New Twitter Storm

09/13/2018:  THIRTEEN: Metro Focus, West Wing Chaos

09/12/2018:  CBN РCBN News, Global Lane

09/08/2018:  POLITICO: Donald Trump Has No Fear

09/07/2018:  Global News Radio: I am part of the Resistance

09/06/2018:  VOA РVOA News, China

08/29/2018:  McClatchy РTrump is making plans to help DeSantis win

08/24/2018:  MSNBC: MTP Daily

08/22/2018:  MSNBC: Ari Melber

08/22/2018:  Washington Post: Kimberly Guilfoyle

08/22/2018:  BuzzFeed: Dems are not eager to talk impeachment

08/22/2018:¬† POLITICO: He’s Unraveling

08/21/2018:  TIME magazine

08/21/2018:¬† Washington Examiner – What’s up with the polls?

08/21/2018:  LA TV: LatiNation

08/21/2018:¬† Lars Larson Show: Cohen’s Plea Agreement

08/21/2018:  CBS News: CBS Interactive

08/13/2018:  CNN: Kate Bolduan

08/08/2018:  Politico РThe challenge of tagging Republicans as corrupt

08/02/2018:  The Daily Caller РOp-ed

08/01/2018:  FOX Business News, Lou Dobbs Tonight

07/31/2018:  Yahoo News: Michael Isikoff 

07/30/2018:  MSNBC: Live With Katy Tur

07/29/2018:  The Hill: Former Trump Aide Hits Cohen Over Recording

07/29/2018:  MSNBC: AM Joy

07/27/2018:  The Guardian: David Pecker, Donald Trump 

07/27/2018:  CNN: The Lead With Jake Tapper

07/26/2018:  Sidney Morning Herald

07/26/2018:  Philadelphia Inquirer: Cohen Takes a Swing at Trump

07/26/2018:  Newsweek: Who is Lanny Davis?

07/26/2018:¬† New York Times: ‘Classic Lanny’

07/25/2018:  USA Today: Trump-Cohen Feud

07/25/2018:  Observer РTrump and Cohen go Nuclear

07/24/2018:  Washington Examiner РWashington tries to pin Trump on Russia

07/21/2018:  MSNBC, AM Joy РTrump slams Michael Cohen tapes

07/20/2018:  MSNBC, Live with Katy Tur РMichael Cohen made recording to protect self

07/20/2018:¬† Washington Post – Mueller seeking to question ‘Manhattan Madam’¬†

07/20/2018:¬† AlterNet –¬†Kristin Davis Is Reportedly Being Subpoenaed by Mueller

07/19/2018:¬† Washington Examiner – Roger Stone ‘will never cop a plea deal’

07/18/2018:¬† Hollywood Reporter – ‘Roger Stone will never cop a deal’

07/17/2018:¬† Salon – Trump ‘fell into Mueller’s Trap’ in Helsinki

07/17/2018:¬† The Atlantic – Trump’s performance with Putin

07/16/2018:  Washington Times, Inside the Beltway

07/16/2018:  BBC World Service Scotland РTrump РPutin Summit

07/15/2018:  BBC World Service РTrump and Putin to meet in Helsinki

07/14/2018:  MSNBC, Alex Witt РNew meddling charges

07/14/2018:¬† TIME – Trump confidante Roger Stone says…

07/14/2018:  Daily Beast РPossible charges against Roger Stone

07/13/2018:  CNN, Erin Burnett РRoger Stone unnamed person in Mueller indictment

07/13/2018:  St. Louis Dispatch РRoger Stone unnamed person in Russia indictment

07/13/2018:  MSNBC, Ari Melber РMueller circles Roger Stone

07/11/2018:  CTV National News РTense Nato Summit in Belgium

07/11/2018:  Variety РLatest Tariff List Raises Worries

07/11/2018:  La Stampa РTrump will be inflexible with Putin on Crimea

07/11/2018:  Le Figaro РAmerica is an ally of those who share its values

07/02/2018:¬† AP TV – Fmr Trump advisor reacts to Cohen’s interview

07/02/2018:¬† Mediate – Sam Nunberg as Michael Cohen’s friend

06/22/2018:¬† The Atlantic – Don’t blame Trump’s advisors for Trump

06/20/2018:  CBN News РInside the IG Report

06/18/2018:  FBN, Kennedy РMuller is on a Vendetta: Sam Nunberg

06/17/2018:  The Guardian РWhy does Trump hate Jeff Besos? 

06/14/2018:  New York Times: Report Gives Trump Opening, but Undercuts Narrative

06/14/2018:  Joe Piscopo Show РPat Caddell

06/13/2018:  CNN, Cuomo Prime Time РSam Nunberg

06/13/2019:  MSNBC, The Beat with Ari Melber РSam Nunberg explains why Trump aides

06/08/2018:  i24 News, Clearcut РTrump meets with G7 leaders

06/06/2018:¬† The Daily Signal –¬†4 Key Points in the Tariffs Debate

05/30/2018:  CBN News РTrump, Sessions and the FBI

05/24/2018:  France24, The Debate: After Iran, North Korea: Trump scraps summit

05/21/2018:  WABC, Curtis & Cosby РTrump and Security

05/05/2018:  Daily Signal РHow the U.S. can keep pressuring Iran

03/23/2018:  CNN Money РThe Sales Are Here

03/23/2018:  MONEY РToys R Us Liquidation Sales Just Started

03/20/2018:  Good Housekeeping РToys R Us Liquidation Sales Secrets

03/16/2018:   MarketWatch РToys R Us Challenges for Liquidation

03/15/2018:   CNN Money РWhat Toys R Us Closing Means for Shoppers

03/07/2018:   LA Daily News РWeinstein Cos, Entertainment

02/13/2018:   MarketWatch РBarnes & Noble Troubles

02/02/2018:   Toronto Star РRaising Healthy Boys

01/29/2018: РProblems of Collateral Insurance Coverage

01/29/2018:   Organic Media Network РAn Organic Conversation

01/24/2018:   Chicago Tribune РRaising Boys Who Respect Women

01/14/2018:   Corus Radio Network РRoy Green Show

01/12/2018:   CKUW-FM

01/11/2018:   Bridge City News TV

01/11/2018:   The Hollywood Reporter РRight-Wing Activists Lawyer up to Fight Tech

12/28/2017:   The TKO Show with Kara Ro РRaising Healthy Boys

12/20/2017:   USA Today РBe wary of gift cards from retailers nearing bankruptcy

12/17/2017:   euronews

12/17/2017:   NBC News РAccusations in the MeToo era

12/15/2017:   The New Paper, Singapore

12/12/2017:¬† ¬†Reuters – Could fear of MeToo backlash silence women’s voices?

12/12/2017:¬† ¬†DailyMail – Could fear of MeToo backlash silence women’s voices?

12/12/2017:   MalayMail Online, Malaysia

12/07/2017:  Observer Р10th Cir. Ruling  on How Your Liability Insurance Can be Lacking

12/05/2017:  Washington Times 

12/03/2017:  The Atlantic РThe Volunteer Vigilantes of NYC

11/24/2017:  DailyMail, News

11/23/2017:  DailyMail, Video


11/13/2017:  Daily News New York

11/13/2017:  Huffington Post

11/08/2017:  MarketWatch

10/27/2017:  Fox Business

10/14/2017:  CTV National News

09/20/2017:  Boston Herald


09/19/2017:  Palm Beach Post

09/19/2017:  MarketWatch

09/19/2017:  Modesto Bee

09/05/2017:¬† Newsday, Reporter’s Business Desk

08/30/2017:  i24News, CrossRoads

08/30/2017:  Washington Examiner

08/28/2017:  Daily Business Review

07/27/2017:  Tucker Carlson Tonight

07/29/2017:  i24News, ClearCut

06/08/2017:  France24

06/01/2017:  Elite Daily

o5/26/2017:   MarketWatch

05/25/2017:   MarketWatch

05/11/2017:   KGO, Ethan Bearman Show

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03/03/2016: Daniel Akbari, Family of Robert Levinson, missing in Iran

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